About the Windows Phone 8 announcements

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As many of you know by now, Nokia announced the Lumia 820 and 920 in an event on September 5, and as most people thought the devices were a hit, many were dissappointed by the fact that the expected full reveal of the full capabilities of Windows Phone 8 did not happen, and that Nokia did not provide pricing or availability information.

The concern is that by doing so, Nokia missed on the opportunity of creating the meaningful hype that those innovative devices deserved.

According to some people, the transition of Windows Phone to the NT kernel is presenting some technical difficulties, causing Microsoft to make the decision to keep things under wraps and don't introduce Windows Phone 8 yet.

While the apparent slow pace of the development is troublesome, there's a fact that is overlooked by many.

Samsung introduced the ATIV a couple of weeks ago, and if the rumors are correct, is willing to commit more to WP following the recent trial debacle; then, just a week later Nokia introduces two more devices that might be consider the halo Windows Phone devices with hardware innovations that are, as of this moment, unmatched. Soon, HTC will also introduce its WP strategy and once again, they are supposed to be real contenders in the smatphone market.

These announcements should be spaced out enough so that they create at least some type of hype and give at least some relevance to WP. But again, they need to materialize in order for the average consumer to get really excited.

So, what could save Windows Phone from being prey of unforgiving times coupled with an unclear message?

If Microsoft manages to pull off the alleged announcement on October 29, then Windows Phone would definitely benefit from the press Windows 8 will receive and manufacturers from the likes of Samsung will make a case of promoting Windows 8 and Windows Phone as part of a family, given that they look so much alike. So WP will win by association, in a way.


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If the launch of both platforms were to happen less than a week apart, Windows Phone couldn't ask for a better opportunity and it would certainly triumph any misuderstanding of the past, and most would be willing to forgive the uncertainties.

Once again, it all depends on the execution and we'll certainly be waiting for the next chapter in the great platform that Windows Phone has proven to be.

The ball is in your court Microsoft, your move!

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