Will 16GB of RAM, and Win8's new memory management system, FINALLY make heavy Chrome usage practical?

I'm a tab junkie - to make an understatement. I frequently have 57, or 103, or maybe even <b>162</b> tabs open at once, rendering my otherwise-beloved Oct 2010 Macbook Air with 4GB RAM and Win7 on it, *useless* for what I do.

I'm not your averge windows user. I'm super intense, I'm at ridiculous levels of heavy duty-ness. I have an internet research lifestyle of opening tab after tab after tab after tab after tab and working on 20 threads of research at once and keeping them all for weeks (or months) on end, usually. I never want to lose my trail of research (I'm constantly tabbing back and forth through it) so i don't close the tab conglomerate until I finish what I was after and then close them all backwards in time in one quick sweep. (eventually. after weeks or months.....I get um, distracted by other things before I finish what I was doing.)

As a result of this obsessive & thorough tab research method, the RAM usage goes through the roof and it also applies to a dell laptop which I upgraded from 4 to 6GB of ram lately. It seems with what I do in Chrome (and previously firefox), NO amount of ram can be overkill.

And I'm SICK of it. I'm going to ditch my two above-mentioned laptops and am buying a new Retina MPB with 16GB of ram, with Win8 on it.

But will that even be enough?

Maybe Win8's new memory management improvements will make it all fine??? Any first hand reports on massive tabs usage in chrome on win8?