Can you tell if S3 has pentile display? Yes, you can. And it sucks.

Hi there. A few days ago got my S3, in blue. Amazing hardware. I thought the design was ugly but man, it works. Reaaaly thin even with a tpu case, not too big for my hands (i'm a 6 feet tall guy) the curves makes it comfortable on the palm, the system is blazing fast and the battery life seems to be good (after fixing a couple of Samsung screw ups, that is).

The quad core with 1 gb of ram seems off-balance, Samsung noticed it and decided to screw all its early adopters as soon is releasing a 2gb device but well, for what i have not i can not argue except one thing... the GODDAM display.

I'm coming from a Motorola Droid/Milestone 1, a three years old device and even at standard viewing distance you can see grainy icon backgrounds and if you look a bit more closely for example, with no glasses and in bed, you can even see grainy text. This totally sucks. I have a damn hard time to distinguish a pixel in my three years old Milestone rgb matrix. I distinguished it from day one in my S3. Heck, even on youtube you can see the "lines" effect on the display.

Honestly, as people like to say here and on reviews, the "pentile matrix is not distinguishible in such high resolution displays" is total BS. I'm far from having perfect 20/20 vision and i can clearly see the individual pixels.

PENTILE on high end displays SUCK BADLY.

Would i get another device? No, S3 advantages over the X for example are there, more battery life, swapable battery, SD card, etc. But in a couple of years (or if Google launches some Nexus here in Argentina) when i'll change my phone i really hope pentile displays are dead because if not, i'll definitively wait until a high end device come with RGBX and all the mentioned S3 advantages.