Why does it seem that people kind of assume W8 will have a great Tablet eco-system?

I see a lot of Posts about how Microsoft Tablets will just "kill" Android Tablets.And how the "gap is closing" for Google to make its move into the Tablet space and the like. And the Problem most People have with Android Tablets is their eco-system or more specifically the lack of Tablet optimized apps.But who is to say Windows 8 will have any Tablet apps? Right now the Windows Store has less than 100 Apps, and People seem to just assume that after release there will be an "Explosion of Metro apps" (Quote from the Verge Article "The end of android Tablets)But how do you want to know? Does MS get a free pass just because its Microsoft? Right now there is a lot of Negativity against Windows 8, so success of the Operating System is not guaranteed at all, and even when every new PC is sold with Windows 8 thats not an incentive to make a Tablet Windows 8 app.Also the current Windows Apps "ecosystem" is completly useless for Tablets, as proven by all the failed Windows 7 Tablets.Of course Windows 8 has Potential on Tablets, but they don't get that free pass into the Market, that a lot of People seem to give them.Sent from Windows 8