iPhone 5 & iOS - is it time to leave??

First off this is clearly a subjective question. I'm thinking aloud here.

I have had the iPhone 3, 3GS and until recently the 4 for over 2 years until it broke last weekend (alcohol-fuelled incident - my bad). In any case, I was already decided that I would be changing phones in September or October anyway.

I am on a fantastic 30 day rolling sim-only contract with O2 in the UK and I have bought my last 2 iPhones sim-free from Apple. A big layout, but definitely worth it, as I do not want to give up my current tariff deal.

You might call me a fanboy, you might not, I don't know to be honest. I would have no qualms in being labelled one, because they do exist and it's easy to be one. I have used macs for the last 4 years, and currently own a 2011 Macbook Air.

However, for the last 6 months I have fallen out of love with the iPhone and iOS. I want to be clear though; the iPhone and iOS is absolutely incredible. It is by far the best 'gadget'/phone I have ever owned. The thing is, I'm just SO bored with it. The reason for this boredom peaking over the last month is that it is clear the iPhone 5 will be pretty much the same, and iOS won't change a great deal.

Yes, of course it will improve and it will change in ways that are important to a lot of people. But it won't change in ways that are important to me. I find the OS so boring now. It is incredibly easy to use, and I realise that is one of its major USP's, but I've just got so bored of it. If the phone itself was released in a completely brand new design (which I think it's due), then it might make me stay, but i think we all know that, apart from a screen bump, it's form factor will be identical.

I watched the new Nokia Lumia 920 launch earlier in the week, and though the launch itself was a bit crappy, the phone looks amazing. It's different, and the WP8 OS looks really great. The camera, despite the furore surrounding the pictures/videos, looks brilliant too. I know the availability of apps is terrible, however, though I spend all day on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Sky Sports and MLB apps, I don't actually use/buy any other apps, no games, no productivity apps etc, so that doesn't bother me massively. If the Lumia had a voice assistant, more apps like Instagram and generally a better selection, my choice would be a no brainer, but it doesn't. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is obviously a great phone too and with the new addition of Google Now on Jelly Bean, it's a phenomenal piece of kit.

Unless Tim Cook surprises us in a major way, it looks like I'll be leaving the iPhone world next month. It'll be the S3 or Lumia 920 for me by the looks of it.

What do you guys think in terms of the upcoming iPhone? Are you definitely going to buy it? Thinking of leaving Apple for one of the other phones mentioned? Just keen to see what others make of it.