Following leaked images of Sony's alleged A99 flagship camera, a new leak from and Sony Alpha Rumors reveals what could be an unexpected coup for the camera manufacturer: a compact camera with a full-frame 35mm CMOS sensor (the same as the A99). Full-frame sensors, with their traditionally higher image quality, are currently reserved for much larger DSLR cameras that won't fit in your pocket — but Sony's alleged new compact, named the RX1, could change all of that. We're not sure what the camera's essential specifications are, but the pictures show that it has a 35mm f/2.0 Carl Zeiss lens, a pop-up flash, hot shoe, and a DSLR-like mode dial with room for custom settings.

While the leak is still purely rumor, such a camera would fit with Sony's compact camera strategy — its RX100 already fits a large sensor and a fast lens in a small body, and the RX1 would seem to be a natural evolution from that product. Unfortunately, such innovation could come with a hefty price: says that the RX1 will carry a retail price of $2,799. In any event, if the leak is real, the digital camera world just got a lot more exciting.