How much would a Nexus 7 3G or N10 cost? Based on iSuppli numbers.

Some cost figures on what a Nexus 7 3G or Nexus 10 might cost.

Apparently adding 3G costs $25.60 for an iPad. Since Google has less volume it might cost $35.


That means we can reasonably expect the Nexus 7 3G to cost $250/$300.

The difference in price between a 1024 x 600 Kindle Fire screen and 1280 x 800 Nexus 7 screen is $3. But since 1920 x 1200 screens are bigger and have less volume, the price difference might be up to $10.$157-BOM-Teardown-Reveals.aspx

The battery would probably need to be at least 8000 mah so double the cost of the battery (add $12).

Since the total screen size is double, we also have to double the cost of the touch layer which adds $24.

The total BOM cost increase is $46.

We can reasonably expect the price of a Nexus 10 to be $50 higher than the Nexus 7 at $250/$300.

Remember, according to iSuppli, Google's actually not losing any money on any of these. It makes $40 per N7 8GB and $80 per N7 16GB. Of course some of these will be offset by more intangible costs like R&D and marketing but per unit Google can certainly pull it off.

As a side note, I also think Google should make ad supported models with lower RAM $30 cheaper than the 8GB model just to counter the Kindle Fire, but absolutely no ads on the higher priced models.

So final predictions on N7, N7 3G, N10, and N10 3G?

N7 $170/$200/$250. (Ads+low 512MB RAM/8GB/16GB)

N7 3G $220/$250/$300

N10 $220/$250/$300

N10 3G $270/$300/$350

What do you think about the accuracy of these numbers? Any other numbers you want to add?

As a side question, would people be willing to buy a Nexus 10 like they did a Nexus 7?

I based my numbers on keeping the performance and battery life the same and the ppi slightly higher (224 vs. 216).