Windows 9 for... [concept]

I know that a lot of people are probably thinking that I'm just a "hater" but really I just had an idea that I think is kinda cool.

So what if Microsoft branded Windows as a one size fits all operating system? The idea is that Windows 9 runs on everything, so, for example, instead of calling WP8 Windows Phone 8, it would be called Windows 8 for Phones. And when the next XBOX is released in 2014, it will run Windows 9 for XBOX, and so on and so forth (Windows 8 for Cars, Windows 9 for Tablets, Windows 9 for Desktops).

It would avoid the convergence problem while reaping all of the benefits from it because a developer could design an app for Windows that will work on all platforms, all they would have to do is change the UI to meet each form factor's needs.

So below I made what I call Windows 9 for Desktops.