The lack of enthusiam by Google for Windows 8 bothers me

So I finally installed Windows 8 Pro. It's a beautiful OS even though the first thing I did is install Classic shell to directly boot to the desktop and get my Start button back.

Anyway, it just can't be unseen how Google is downplaying Metro UI. The Google Chrome app looks like a half-assed port, the tile is completely out of place and just butt-ugly. I feel like they intentionally tried to piss people off with the black background and the still skeumorphic logo when we all have a good idea of how it should have looked. The other app Google offers has all the other great apps but why add this extra step? Why not offer those Google apps separately instead of making us install the Google bar THEN click the app? So I tried to figure out why and I stumbled on articles where Google was dissing Microsoft? I think Google doesn't take Metro seriously or maybe the whole team is still hoping that Chrome OS will take off or something. I don't know. I just see Google missing a huge opportunity here and Bing is pretty much my primary search engine with Bing Maps.