Windows 8/RT App Spotlight, Part 4

It seems now that the app selection and variety is growing on Windows 8 and Windows RT at such a pace that I could very nearly do a new part of this app spotlight daily. While I don't quite have the time to dedicate myself to such an endeavour, I've rounded-up a handful of some of the great apps I've tried and enjoyed this last week.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out parts one, two, and three of this app spotlight.

Music DJ
Free, $1.49 to remove ads


While I do appreciate features like Smart DJ in the Xbox Music app, I find myself ultimately disappointed in the UI. It just doesn't feel like it's quite there--yeah, it's a bit flashy, but it sacrifices utility and simplicity for its appearance. Music DJ, on the other hand, offers the features and clean UI you'd expect.

Metro Media Player


Unsatisfied with the Xbox Video app? Don’t buy from the Xbox store anyway? Metro Media Player is a simple but effective media player and a reasonable stand-in for some of the functions of VLC whilst we wait for the fruits of the Kickstarter funding to come into being.



If you prefer Barnes & Noble's digital book selection over Amazon's--or if you simply don't like keeping all of your eggs in one basket, the Nook app for Windows 8 and Windows RT offers a great reading experience. Like the Kindle app, however, it still doesn't support the import of non-store books.

Recipe Keeper


If you're anything like me, you have a tendency to horde great recipes as you discover them. While I had been formerly keeping all my recipes store away in a .docx document, Recipe Keeper is quickly winning me over, allowing me to organise, search, and prepare recipes in a very convenient and clean way.



Sometimes you really need a bunch of tools open and ready to go at your fingertips--a few browser panes, a calculator, a unit converter--the works. Toolbox makes the insanity of heavy multitasking a little less chaotic in the Modern UI.

New York Times
Free, subscription required after January 31st for full access


Though print media appears to be on a swift decline, the New York Times is making a valiant effort to keep its name relevant in the digital age with a truly beautiful news app featuring articles from their many writers.

Calculator X8


It's simple, reasonably-featured, looks good, and works. What more could you want in a calculator app?



iHeartRadio offers an easy, convenient way to listen to Clear Channel's many radio stations from around the United States. Additionally, if you have an iHeartRadio account, you can craft custom stations to better match your musical tastes.



There are times where you just need to free yourself of all distractions. JustWrite is a free, very simple, but effective clutterless writing app.

So these are some of the great apps I've come to love over this last week. Which Windows 8 and Windows RT apps have you come to love, and which apps are you still hoping for?

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