Notifications: Windows Phone Style

It seems as if any topic about notifications and a notification center seems to be over-run with Android/iOS users who keep claiming that Windows Phone needs a notification system such as their favorite phone's. Well it doesn't. Why? An android/iOS styled notification center on windows phone would be first and foremost redundant.

The homescreen of a windows phone is the notification center. There the live tiles give information about the app and what's going on. With windows phone you can choose how much information you want that tile to show you via tile sizes.

While the homescreen is a notification center, it is also the quick launch center. Users pin favorite and important apps for quicker access to them.

The problem with the homescreen is when its two natures, notification center and the quick launch center come at odds. The user may want an app pinned on the homescreen but doesn't want notifications from that app or a user may want notifications from an app but doesn't want to pin it on the homescreen. The former can easily be solved, the apps has settings to turn off the live tile and toasts, but the latter has not been solved.

The biggest and most objective problem of the windows phone homescreen is that that toasts and notifications from an unpinned app can be completely missed and the user may never be aware.(another problem {minor in my opinion due to the fast switching of apps via card view} would be you have to leave an app to see notifications.)

Now, Microsoft is working on a notification center for windows phone. I hope this notification center is a new design approach towards receiving notifications, complements the homescreen and is in no way redundant. Perhaps a notification center that only shows notes from apps that aren't pinned. Perhaps a notification history app that logs the receiving of notifications and other items( such as an app installation, updates, purchased media content. Or it could be an addition to the start menu. We will just have to wait and see.