Questions to those with a Surface

I'm looking at getting a Surface RT for casual use in January or February after a long game of not really being sure if I'd want one. I've decided I do and have been researching as much as possible, but it'd be nice to get some views from current owners.

1) Desktop mode and touch - how is using the file explorer and Office in desktop mode with touch? Can you easily close windows and so on, or isn't the desktop well optimised for touch?
2) I know the touch cover doubles as a case. Would this alone be sufficient, or would you advise to get a third party case too?
3) If you have both the touch and type cover, which one do you prefer to use for extended typing?
4) How resistant to scratches is the device, both front and back?
5) Does the touch cover get dirty/marked easily, and does it clean easy - say with grease?
6) How long does it take to boot the device?
7) Has storage space been an issue for you? (Especially for those with the 32GB model)
8) What would you not want to do on your surface?
9) Performance wise, is there anything youre frustrated about?