Why are they doing everything to fail...

So, for the past month it really feels like Microsoft and companies around them are trying really hard to fail. Why?

Well here is my experience in small European country.

Windows 8

Windows 8 is awesome. I love it. And I want one. And that's the problem… Only about a week ago, after searching for quite a while, I finally found a store with one touchscreen Vaio running Windows 8 on display and ohh it is great and that OS is perfect for touch… but one problem. I do not want a laptop. I want a tablet. Do not care about keyboard and stuff, I want tablet, for just browsing and simple stuff like that. Win8 RT tablet.

But the only things I currently can get are either some hybrid something or a laptop with touchscreen… i want TABLET! And since those laptops are real laptops, the price is instantly twice that of an iPad, aaand… thats just not going to happen.

Surface? Yeah… noooo… not sure if we will ever get it. Some stores have them imported but they cost like 1000$ which is beyond stupidity.

So the problem with Windows 8 is that I simply can't buy tablet with it. It's soo annoying and frustrating…

By the way… are there even any pure tablets in existence beside Surface?

Windows Phone 8

Me and my friend really like Nokia phones, especially Lumias. So, first problem is, there is no information on when 920 will be available in our country, and when it will, it'll be outdated with some newer Lumia announced and waiting continues for best WP. We just don't have them. So we can't buy them… Country almost next to Finland can't buy it… ok whatever.

But just now, for Christmas, my friend needed a phone and wanted to get Lumia. Currently we just have 4 choices - 610, 710, 800, 900. More than year old phones. But taking everything in account, 800 seemed like the best choice… which is crazy, because it's so outdated (camera eg.), but the fact is - there is nothing better available (900 is too big for him). So he started looking for white 800… guess what? Nowhere to be found. None of the stores had it and it should be back in stock in stores after maybe a week from now. I don't know if it's sold out or stores had too few of them, but they are just not available. Now my friend will either wait or get 710. He wanted a phone that'd be Nokia, with good camera… couldn't get one no matter how hard he tried.

You see, Nokias are well respected here and I know a lot of people who like them and would get one, myself included, but the choice and specs are just ridiculous and everyones ends up getting Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone… sad, sad, sad. It's like, there is not even a choice, but to only get iOS or Android. Latest specs, instant availability... blah..

So to sum up (TL;DR)

• I simply can't buy latest Lumias and don't know when they will be available, not to even talk about 920…

• I even can't buy old Lumias!!

• The WP phones available are crap.


• I simply can't buy Win8 tablet… and everything I can buy with Win8 is twice the price of an iPad and some friggin' hybrid not a tablet…

Soo…. there is a small problem, Microsoft - people are not buying your stuff BECAUSE THEY CAN'T!!!!!! >.<

I mean, the whole thing is just so ridiculous I can't even describe it… so please, next time you are reading about MS and Nokia troubles, please do remember that there is world outside U.S. where people want their stuff, but can't get, because the companies simply does not give a sh….phone. Look at S3 or iPhone, they were quickly available eeeverywhere. Why are you failing Nokia and Microsoft? Whyyyy????