Metro apps won't open

This is a repost from my thread on Microsoft Answers since they were of no help (not surprising).

Before coming back to my university all of my apps were working fine. But when I came back and restarted my laptop, they don't work anymore. The Store apps don't open at all, and when I open the Store app itself, it just shows the splash page and reverts back to the Start screen (some have had this problem, too). I've tried every method suggest here on the forums (app troubleshooter, refreshing my PC (twice), msconfig, wsreset.exe, sfc /scannow, etc.) but none of them have worked. I even updated the OS today (referred to as Patch Tuesday) but that still didn't work. Has anyone solved this problem? Any help is appreciated.

Many have had this problem over on the other site last year, but no one has seemed to fix their problem.