A week with Nexus 4

It's been only a week with Nexus 4 and I am in love with this device. It wasn't an easy decision for me to switch to Nexus 4 from my good old HTC One X. I read n no. of reviews for Nexus 4 and HTC One X+ (2 phones that I narrowed down to choose from) and all the reviews seem to drift towards HTC One X+. I made my mind finally to go with Nexus 4 for its "Pure Android" experience Since I am already used to the Sense UI. Now i am glad that I chose Nexus 4 over One X+. After using Nexus 4, I realized how much OEM's like Samsung, HTC made a mess of the beautiful Stock Android OS in the name of customization. Nexus 4 according to me is the first android device that matched the fluidity and snappiness of iPhone. My old One X is still good in papers and when it comes to real time usage I didn't feel like using a Quad core device and I had constant issues of stuttering during high graphics game play. I pushed Nexus 4 to its limits playing NFS Most wanted all day long and not even once I had an issue. Its extremely smooth and fast. Battery performance is decent too. Jelly Bean aka Project Butter can only be experienced to the fullest in Nexus 4. On all aspects the Nexus 4 is a great device. I would say without any hesitation that Nexus 4 is currently the best device you could have right now.