Surface RT for College Use.

I know many probably have asked, but I couldn't find any good responses. Currently I have the Ideapad Yoga, but I'm finding it cumbersome to use in tablet mode. I would love to sell this laptop, and buy the Surface RT but I'm in need of first hand opinions. Now I have already weighed out the reasons to not get the pro. The better screen and the digitizer are nice, but that isn't worth the almost $400 price difference ($699 rt/ touch cover vs. $1028 pro w/ touch cover) As far as using legacy programs go I have a home built computer that I can use for a majority of things, and remote desktop to it if I really need to from the surface.

I feel like my use case of writing papers and mostly small productivity use and media consumption is the perfect case for a Surface RT. I just wanted to know, people who have the Surface RT, is it good for my use case and what is your experience with it?

Thanks, and P.S. a sidenote, anyone experiencing really dampened sound with skype? The sound comes out much better when I use the legacy app or the facebook plugin. If I could find out if the fackbook plugin at least worked in desktop IE10 that would be amazing!