Does the Verge staff promote drugs ?

I'll be direct.

Is it me or is the recent series of Verge cast talking too much about hallucinogenic drugs ? I do not know how is the culture in USA concerning this matter but in Europe where I live the majority of people are against any kind of drugs and you pay with hard time if you ever get caught.

IMO now that has become more mainstream it is their moral duty not to talk or promote any kind of drugs. Because you don't have to be a genius to figure that those kind of pills ruin lives and not everybody has a strong will in order to quit them.

Most users end up with ruin lives or 6 feet under.

And Mr Topolsky talking about drugs + virtual reality to an audience mostly between 18 - 30 (people that are easily manipulated and believe that they can do anything without taking any responsibility) is not a good idea and it lowers the professionalism of this site.

Thank you !