Xbox Music, Hated it, starting to love it

I was wondering how xbox music is treating people around here. I must say I hated a lot of things about it but ever since I really started to play with it, it started to get better. I got a new laptop and my cloud appeared from my previous laptop appeared, it was of course a total mess and after reading all the fora I was kind of dissapointed in the crapy service that was xbox music. But then I started to work with it differently. I decided to just delete my entire cloud collection and start fresh. I emptied my local music library entirely, deleted everything in the music app, and made sure none of my albums appeared in the xbox music app on windows 8. Then I started adding them gradually and syncing them with the cloud. Some albums were not available but I must say 90% of them were getting a sync. The cool thing was that when I deleted my library again all of my songs were still there in the cloud, streamable...which was nice since I don't like to haul all those extra gigabytes of music with me everywhere and at home I have my collection stored on a desktop. I also decided to try the 30 day trial and found out you can just add music to the cloud by clicking. It also downloads everything to your library so you can store it on your home server or where you want to store it. So basically when the trial ends you still have all the mp3's on your computer. The player itself sucks though. Search is messy, controls are messy etc...And I'm still waiting for the next bad thing to happen. But for now I'm starting to think it might just get better as I don't feel that it sucks that badly anymore. However the main questions is, it's been about 3 month since release, is anyone still using it? Or has everyon given up on it.