Iphone 4s / Nokia lumia 820

Hi, Am big confuse which one to choose. either 4s or 820 ? I don't like to go android side. I hate to take mobile model which that will go out date model with in two or three month. So, i don't go for samsang or HTC. I like to be hold unique device when compare to others.. So, i choose Ios & Window 8. Here my concern is which one is best ? Really, Iphone have a premium quality & proud to hold in my view. But, 1. 4s has 3.5 inch whereas 820 has 4.0 inch. 2. 4s - 512 MB RAM & 820 - 1GB RAM (Its depends on their hardware. then, will you say both will give equal performance ?) If not so, then where will be the lack come ? e.x game / multitasking issue ? (thing is both H/W were different) 3. Both were dual-core. so, not a issue. But 4s has 800mhz whereas 820 has 1Ghz. Again, where will be a lack ? Except above things others will be equal i think so. I don't mind about Win 8 Apps. Hope, it will come soon. Finally, My budget is 30k. So, please sort out me from mess.. Help to choose better one.