I critique the Vergecast with harsh love.

Josh, Niley, and Paul. I am a hardcore Verge reader. I followed you from Engadget, been to several On The Verge's, and listen to every Vergecast stream live (even moving dinner with my wife around to accommodate the show).

So I believe I have earned the right to critique the latest shows, without the subsequent flaming that will surly follow.

That said, could you guys please consider the following:

1) Try not to talk over each other. It has gotten to the point, especially with CES, that it can be beyond frustrating. For example, Josh was trying hard to make a few points about the Surface Pro, but with Niley and Paul all constantly talking over each other, the show just becomes a mess. I tune in because I respect your opinions, and want to hear some in depth talk about the Surface Pro, not a whole bunch of rambling.

2) Lastly, try and stay on message. The show has really descended into a party-like atmosphere, that although can be fun, needs to be roped in a bit. I love gadgets, and technology, and I tune in to listen to you guys discuss topics in depth. I value your opinions and desperately want to hear them. But when you spend 2 minutes on the Surface Pro, and 15 minutes rambling about Josh's suit, and some sweater, or whatever, it gets frustrating and dissatisfying.

Anyways, please fixe those two things, I would greatly appreciate it. I will continue to listen no matter what, I just think the show will be more satisfying, and informative, and quite frankly more entertaining. Because at the end of the day, it is about gadgets, and technology, and your opinions on these subjects. The off-topic banter should serve as a dash of Monosodium Glutamate, not the main course.


-Dr. Brad