CONCEPT: Dual App View

Okay, so I have been thinking about this for a while now. Basically, I sometimes get irritated when using my beloved iPhone 5, because when I pretty much use two apps simultaneously I end up switching between them over and over. I figured it wouldn't be that hard to have two apps running at the same time, right? Especially with all that vertical screen estate on the iPhone 5. I guess it would be a quite substantial hit on the battery life, but that would be a comprise you'd have to choose to make. So I threw together, with my limited Pixelmator skills, a concept. Yes, I said Pixelmator :P

Anyway, this is my view how it would end up looking:


You would have 2 apps, basically just resized vertically to fit on the screen, with a unified statusbar.


Now, I also thought up a way to trigger this feature. I figured I could just as well incorporate a few gestures, pretty much based on Zephyr (a great tweak by Chpwn, but I'm sure most of you heard of it). You would swipe up from the bottom, and the app switcher would show. I thought a second row of apps in the switcher wouldn't hurt so I thought what the heck. It would show an arrow pointing downwards, but when you'd swipe the app over the middle of the screen, the arrow would flip, and the elastic band effect Apple so famously uses is triggered.


The way your screen would look while swiping an app up to either reveal the app switcher or choosing another app to run in the bottom half of your screen.


When you'd let go of the app, it would snap in place, inhabiting the top half of your screen. Then, with a nice animation, the top half of the first page on your homescreen would slide/appear in the bottom half of the screen. Your pages would consist of three rows of apps, so the total number of pages would be a bit higher. The apps that normally reside in your dock would be the upper three apps of the first page. You would then select an app, and again with a nice animation, preferably the native one, the chosen app would appear on the bottom half.


You'll have the opportunity to choose an app from your normal springboard, except the number of pages would be higher due to the fact that you'll now have three rows of apps on one page.


Regarding the keyboard, I thought of a solution for that as well. When you'd select a text field in the upper app, the bottom app would slide away and the keyboard would slide in its place. You'd have some spare screen space, which could be used to extend the view of the upper app, or add an extra row of symbols to the keyboard. This could be changed in a preference pane in your settings app. When you'd have to type in the bottom app, it would slide up, pushing the upper app out of the screen, taking its place, and the keyboard would slide in on the bottom half, again with the option to extend the view or add another row to the keyboard.

Obviously, this would never be as convenient or productive as multitasking on a laptop/desktop. It sure would help multitasking on the iPhone drastically, though. This would also be convenient on the iPad (Mini), although it would depend in which orientation you'd hold it, because when in landscape (on the normal iPad) it would obviously be better if this concept was applied in a horizontal manner. Anyway, I hope you all like this, and maybe this will be a feature in future iOS versions/devices. Probably not though.