Best (free) Android Phone Locator App?

If you have ever used an iPhone you know how easy it is to use Find My iPhone to track, lock, and wipe your device. All for free. After moving to Android I've struggled to find a good alternative to Find My iPhone. So my question to you is what is your choice for a good, preferably free, phone location app.

I've tried using the two popular ones, Lookout and Avast, but the problem is that they are also active virus scanners which tend to unnecessarily drain battery.

I've also tried Wheres My Droid but the issue with that is there isn't a web front for map based location.

The only good alternative I found was Cerberus anti theft. It's got a web front where you can locate and visually see it on the map. The issue with this is that it wasn't free. It had a yearly subscription cost attached to it.

So what find my phone app do you use? Why do you use it and would you switch to a different service if you could find something better?