Design student Juan David Gómez has created an amazing 8-bit remake of one of the most iconic scenes in Tarantino's popular film Kill Bill. The short game, 88 Madness, is set in the Tokyo nightclub, where you can play as Beatrix Kiddo and fight through the Crazy 88 and O-Ren's miniskirt-clad personal bodyguard Gogo Yubari. Gómez even added over-the-top pixelated blood spurts when you decapitate enemies, making the gaming experience very true to its source material. The controls are simple: move and jump using the arrow keys and attack with the space bar. When you beat the game or die trying, Samuel L. Jackson's character from Jackie Brown tells you to "listen up," and shows Rob G. Wilson's fantastic edit of numerous influences on the film, Everything is a Remix: Kill Bill.