Please help! Serious touchwiz problem - deleting an email account

So... I was helping a colleague set up her exchange email on her GS3 and I encountered an infuriating problem - Touchwiz refused to let me delete an email account! I got some B.S. about how other programs relied on the account and that I couldn't delete it without restoring the phone to entirely factory settings. It also gave me "error 503."

The background:

This colleague had attempted to set up the exchange activesync email on her own, but I believe the touchwiz email app made (incorrect) assumptions about the server settings and attempted to set up the account automatically based only on her email address. I went into the account settings in the email app, but was unable to change the server settings to the correct ones. Thus, I attempted to delete the account entirely (both from within the email app and from within settings -> accounts) and was blocked from doing so (error 503, etc.).

Though the lack of server options and inability to delete the account were both infuriating, I decided to see if the issue was that Samsung's skin needed some sort of default email account. I decided just to create a new email account using what I know to be the correct settings. Here again, Touchwiz thwarted me, as I could not create an account with that email address since one (misconfigured and useless) already existed on the phone. Luckily, there are actually two different domains that redirect to this account, so I created a new one using this, though I was forced to use IMAP instead of activesync. Having successfully set up the account with IMAP, I set it as the default everywhere I could and attempted to delete the old, failed acount. Again, it told me that the account was needed and I could only remove it by resetting the phone entirely.

I have done this for people on many many phones and computers, including other Android phones and iphones. I myself run stock on my Galaxy Nexus and am very happy that the email app allows accounts to be deleted and server settings to be changed on accounts that already exist. This has been my first encounter with Touchwiz, though, and I can honestly say that it is condescending and infuriating. Obviously, I could have her redirect to gmail, install K9, root and run stock, etc., but that's not the point and I doubt she is the kind of person who wants to spend the time learning all this. If anyone has experience with Touchwiz/this specific problem, please let me know so I can help her out.