How do you sync your photos to your iPhone? (and import them to your computer)

My current situation

My only camera is my iPhone 5. Sure, a real camera would take better shots but I'm not a pro so I don't mind. All of my photos are stored in my iPhoto library. So when I plug in my iPhone I import all of the photos in iPhoto. Oh, and I disabled "Automatic photo import" in iPhoto's preferences so my photos aren't split between Photo Stream events and regular day events


So all of my photos are imported into iPhoto, but my main problem is in the way I sync my photos to my iPhone. I sync my whole iPhoto library to my iPhone (I really don't have THAT much photos and videos) using iTunes. I don't have a lot of free space on my iPhone (even though it's a 64GB model, but whatever. I'm crazy, I guess) so I don't want my photos to be stored twice on my device.

How I import and sync photos

So what I have to do is, every time I import photos, if I have some free time, I will do this:

  1. Import from my iPhone to iPhoto (And keep the photos on the device)
  2. In iPhoto, I delete the bad shots and identify faces etc.
  3. Then, I'll delete the photos from my iPhone
  4. I'll sync my iPhone with iTunes so everything I did in iPhoto appears on my device

But by doing this, I end up with an empty camera roll on my iPhone so I can't edit photos directly on my phone without duplicating them

And if I don't have a lot of free time, I'll simply:

  1. Import from my iPhone to iPhoto (And keep the photos on the device)
  2. Sometimes I will clean up and identify the photos in iPhoto but I won't sync that right away

So my method is sort of messy and I think it would be weird if Apple really wanted us to work this way.

How do you import and sync photos with your iPhone?
Do you use iPhoto or do you prefer an alternative?