Air or Pro Retina if money is taken out of the equation?

Im trying to decide between a Macbook Air with 4/256Gb or the 13" Pro Retina with 8/256. Reading all reviews, been to the store and carried them around, comparing displays and so forth. Still no conclusion! 15" is not a choice, its to big.

The excellent review here @ The Verge clearly points to the Air but that is in relation to the price (and a bit of graphics performance)

But if money was taken out of the equation, what would be the result then? Is the Air still a better choice? My company is paying for mine, which is good, but it also means I cant choose a 8/256GB Air, and I will need to rin Windows in a VM from time to time.

Whats your take on this? If you could choose between the two and was given your choice, what would it be?