why I think that the verge is biased against windows

Hey Everyone,

So I do love the verge as tech site, very different, great UI, good articles, and a really great forum. But the thing I HATE the most about it is there rating system, or even more so the biased system. They tend to suck off apple in many of there articles/reviews. Android is kinda even but definitely "never" as good as apple, and most of all windows products just never get the love they deserve.

Now my proof why I think the verge is biased comes from their reviews on many products. I did some searching after reading threads today about what people think the surface pro would get, and read some comments on how the verge would compare it to a laptop, and not really to a tablet, and all this other stuff which is true. When you look at a review on the verge, they give you "the breakdown" on each category they rated (design, display, ecosystem, etc.) but if you've ever done the math the average score between those categories doesn't add up to what the actual score they give it is. And i get it maybe they like a device more, or think it deserves a better score, or maybe just want to round it. But if you dig deeper alot of apple products get a higher boost then other products.

I'm going to compare some products between windows and apple products and see what you guys think about these scores. Mind you, there opinions and shouldn't really matter, because if you like a product a review shouldn't matter. But These reviews are a difference for someone looking to buy the product and seeing a poor score (or a score lower then they thought) to changing their mind. So these reviews do matter, and are kind of annoying because they shouldn't be biased.

Start off with Tablets.

The verge Reviewed the surface rt and gave it a final score of a 7.0.
There score was based off of a review with 9 categories, which when you do the math comes to an average of 6.77 (6.8 if you want to round). which means from their experience and how much they liked the device they boosted it .2 to a 7. makes sense and seems fair.

The verge Reviewed the 4th gen ipad and gave it a 9.3 which is the same as the ipad (3rd gen) which it should be since they are very similar. The review was based off of 8 categories, and when done the average comes to 9.25 which can be rounded to 3. Which is very fair (how you want to look at it, they gave the ipad a 10 in 4 categories [some might disagree])

They Reviewed the nexus 10 and gave it an 8.3. the average of 8 categories came to 8.25 again very fair.

Though continuing on with tablets, the verge Reviewed the ipad mini which they gave it a final score of a 9.0 this review was also based off of 8 categories, when averaged out comes to be an 8.5. Which means they gave the ipad mini an extra .5 points for some reason. And if you aren't familiar with verge reviews, they don't just give out points. and the only products to get 9's are apple products. this is what got to me. why did they add so much to the score. and why was the ipad mini so special to get it.

The verge reviewed the nexus 7 which got a score of 8.9 (of course not better then the ipad mini) but another thing where they added many points. the average for the score for the nexus (8 categories) was 7.8 which means they just added on another 1.1? kinda crazy, idk why, why are the averages so low but there giving these products high reviews. But mind you these are the two highest scored android tablets so they don't do it so often (my point).

There is no 7 inch tablet for windows yet, but we shall see what it gets when there is one. I wouldn't be surprised if its not good. (according to them). I just dont get why mini tablets get such high boosts in scores? do they favor them more.

For phones the reviews were pretty fair (with apple getting the highest phone rating ever given of course [an 8.8 for the iphone 5]) the review was out of 8 scores and got an average of 8.75). though the nexus 4 got an 8.3, when its average was an 8.5? so they took away points, and of course like every windows phone, nothing scored higher then an 8. with the 8x and 920 getting to 7.8 ,7.9 with very similar averages.

So why are windows based products always getting lower scores, then they're willing to give out points, or always give apple high scores. well i though maybe its because there bad products. (even though I Love my 8x, and my windows 8 laptop). But then I did some calculations on the all in one desktops.

The verge Reviewed many windows 8 all in ones, and my favorite the dell xps one 27 got a score of an 8.6. which it should its the best all-in-one out there, high res screen (mind you its touch screen), blue ray player and all that good stuff. So with the average of all 6 categories the dell gets an 8.67. so the 8.6 score seems fair, no?

But then you look at the iMac Review which is also 27 inches, and has no optical drive. It got a final score of a 9. But when you calculate the average you get the same exact 8.67 as the dell. So how come the imac gets a 9 while the dell gets the average score of 8.6? It makes no sense. Is it simply because its apple? because they like it more? If they're going to review windows products with faults and negatives and not give them credit for anything, then they should be doing the same for apple and android products. Its one thing to see a high score because the product is better, its another to see the product get a high score for no reason, or because they are ibiased.

This post doesnt really mean anything, or doesnt really benefit anyone. Its just annoying to see all these great windows based products coming out, and getting shitty reviews, meanwhile it seems like they already have a given for how well the apple products are going to be. I may have not made my point clear in this long writing, but i just think they should review fairer, and I just hope they don't screw over the surface pro. We shall see.

What do you guys think? do you thing the verge is apple biased? or hard on windows?