Yet another laptop recommendations post

Hey all, now that CES is pretty much over and we've seen what's coming in the first part of this year, I need to decide what laptop I want.

The list below are the models I'm currently looking at, weigh in on which you think is best, or other options not listed. Please don't mention anything with a 1366x768 screen at 13" or larger, though.

I'm a student, so the prices listed are with educational discounts.

  • Sony Vaio S 13. Pros: looks great, good materials, graphics card, bluray drive, Made in Japan. Cons: No touchscreen, Windows/Linux only, SSD is non standard
  • Apple Macbook Air(probably 13", possibly 11")

    Pros: Best touchpad, OS X, easy to dual/triple boot. Cons: Can’t upgrade/fix yourself, no replaceable battery, merely decent screen, no touchscreen, no graphics card

  • Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga(probably 13", possibly 11")

    Pros: Touchscreen, looks great, formfactor, great keyboard. Cons: Windows/Linux only. no graphics card, 11" won’t be available till June

  • Lenovo Thinkpad Carbon Touch. Pros: Carbon Fiber, Touchscreen, great keyboard, specs. Cons: Very expensive(but not over priced), Lenovo is chinese, Windows/Linux only, trackpad.

  • Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Pros: Great specs,1080p 11", great keyboard, touchscreen, NFC. Cons: 11" screen, very expensive, not available till late february, trackpad seems weird/bad