Skype for Office Contacts, but where do the contacts come from?

I don't get it. The recent Skype update 6.1 should include Skype in Office contacts. Skype is included in the people hub in Windows 8. The contacts from my people hub are not displayed/included in Outlook 2013 - which is ridiculous to me.

So i don't have any outlook contacts. If i'd add one with the name "Barrack Obama" and i'd have a Skype contact named like that, then the Skype option shows up in Obamas contact card. Is that how it works? What if i log into skype with another account? Will that change the skype option in Outlook contact cards?

And in addition: Is MS ever planing to include the people hub contacts in outlook? Because thats where my contacts are. In my Live/Outlook Account. The fact that those are not included in Outlook (which is a basic functionality) is unbelievable.