The upcoming Mobile OS war.

2011 was very much Apples year, they had dominance in the Smartphone market and 80-90% Market share of Tablets. 2012 came along and it was Androids time to shine, they finally took majority market share of Smartphones. Now 2013 is upon us and the OS war looks to heat up. Windows Phone 8 sales are up, and their slowly gaining ground. iPhone are rumoured to be releasing a cheap iPhone, striking a blow at the low end Android phones. And we're left with Google doing all in its power to retain its dominant position. Besides the big three, we have numerous other smaller OS's being released that could take a bite out of the metaphorical Smartphone pie. Google's problem lies that only Samsung is doing particularly well selling Android phones. And Samsung is soon going to begin to push its new Tizen Smartphones. If Samsung succeed in their endeavours and begin to move away from Android Google will be hurt badly. Apple's problem lies with the fact that iOS has become stale and is no longer the cool "hip" product to have. However with 100 Billion in the bank they may be able to pull something really cool and innovative out of their hat. Microsoft issues lay with Google denying their services for their phones, however this hasn't seemed to cause many switches. The real problem is just gaining traction, which they have been doing but with much difficulty. Nokia is starting to become profitable again however, so perhaps this is a sign that WP8 will see growth. What are your thoughts on the topic, who's your money on? Regardless of who comes out on top 2013 is looking to be an interesting year.