Touch pens: Adding new life to 'old' hardware

With consumers and businesses transitioning into Windows 8, a majority of hardware aren't capable of fully fleshing out the potential experience that touch may provide. Personally I don't want grubby hand prints staring at me each time I look at the computer screen (for the time being). But recently due to the wave of CES news, I have discovered that 'touch pens' exist (Link to Verge Article). The one that Tom previewed seemed a little finicky with its software implementation. However there are also other alternatives like this one, the 'aPen', which seem like they can hit niche success based on its demonstration.

So the question is are you going to grab your hand on one of these 'touch pens' or shell out the money to purchase a new laptop capable on touch input?

Touch Pen for Windows 8 (via wsliu1980)