Windows 8 tablets: You know what would look great on portrait mode? Websites.

Apologies for the aggressive tone of this post. I just need to get this off my chest.

I am quite frankly sick and tired of hearing that Windows 8 tablets and convertibles are next to useless in portrait mode. Even the sensible Verge guys such as Joshua Topolsky and Tom Warren are saying that people shouldn't bother using them in portrait.

One only needs to use common sense (or watch the various video reviews of Windows 8 tablets and convertibles on YouTube) to see what portait mode is good at: Websites. E-books. Documents. Basically anything that is viewed and read lengthwise.

You could see give or take 60-80% of an entire web page on portrait mode, thanks to the 16:9 configuration of the current Windows 8 touch devices on the market today. Even when zoomed in, scrolling down the web pages makes so much sense. Let me see you do that with certain 4:3 tablets we all know and (unfortunately) use. Yet people pretend like it's a scenario that would not happen even in an alternate dimension.

Come on, people. I thought you were better than this.