I think Apple has defeated Android in its "thermonuclear war"

Everybody knows that Android has a much higher market share than iOS. However, does that mean Android has won the platform war? It depends on the question of "What is the most important goal for a platform?" There are many important goals to achieve other than market share, such as profits, advertising revenue, profits to develepers and more. It has been widely believed that achieving a single goal of getting high market share will automatically help the platform to achieve other goals. Contrary to this common belief, according to John Kirk from techpinions.com, market share is only ONE are where Android is ahead of iOS. iOS is ahead of Android by a wide margin in all of following areas:

adoption of operating system updates; accessories; advertising revenue; app primacy, quantity, quality and profitability; business adoption, BYOD, commerce; consumer assurance, entrustment and confidence; content revenue; control of the platform; credit card numbers; culture; demographics; developers; ease of use; eCommerce; ecosystem; education adoption; engagement; enterprise adoption; government adoption; in-app commerce; integration; lock-in; loyalty; monetization; profits to developers, content providers and publishers; popularity with teens; re-sale value; reliability; repeat customers, retention; safety; satisfaction; security; shopping; stability; stickiness; store quality; switching costs; trust; usage; video views; web traffic.

So, in other words, Android's high market share is an "empty" one. It is a meaningless victory.

Apple is the one that has truly won the "thermonuclear" platform war. RIP Steve Jobs.