Why the iPad over a Windows touch laptop?

I just had a user stop by my office to get her iPad on our network. As I was doing that she mentions that she returned the ASUS VivoBook X202E (I can only assume it was that one because she said it was from Asus and had a touchscreen for $500). She told me she never opened it and decided to get an iPad instead.

So I asked why the iPad. She explains that once she found out you can print from it she didn't need the laptop. I asked about typing, she says she's just as fast on the iPad as a laptop. She told me she wanted to get into the 21st century as well, and that all her girlfriends have one. That last one made me cringe.

She finally told me she considered a Surface but it didn't have enough apps that she wanted. I flipped around on her iPad to see what was on there and there is nothing besides Facebook and a few games that wasn't already on the Microsoft store.

So why the iPad? It's simple really. People appreciate brand loyalty, a lot. And Apple is big on that idea. When people buy into an Apple product they feel they are getting more value from them in terms of it's product history, it's famous CEOs, its stock value, and high media coverage. Microsoft really doesn't have all of that.

The other reason I think is people are tired of choices when there seems to be a clear cut winner. If all they hear is iPad, iPhone, MacBook and how passionate and vocal their user base is then it must be the right choice for them.

As a Microsoft fan I'm doing my best to promote the platform just like our Mac counterparts. When I take out my Windows Phone it's like I'm doing an advertisement. Also, throw around some confidence. Here's an example. My buddy is a die hard Apple fan and when he used his iPhone to take a picture he was like "look how nice that was". I go "let's do that with my Nokia 920, no flash, its just better." The next day he called me up and said I want your photo because it has a higher resolution. I didn't tell him that our phones have pretty much the same resolution. He knows that my Windows Phone is no light weight joke now.