Windows RT Whitelist Flash Website tool V1.0

Hello Everyone,
So I have an RT device and I been looking around the forums and saw a lot of people trying to add websites to the whitelist so they could get there flash sites working and were having issues. I now have created a script that will allow you to add websites and custom white lists without any issues. has just posted an article about it.
Surface tips article
Download Links below...

How To Video

Current Bugs:

Takes about 2 and half minutes for it to add the website you choose to the list, not that big of a deal. However I’m working on fixing it.
Two users have said that when selecting any option it says "duplicate files exists or cannot find file" I will have this fixed in the next release however here is a temporary workaround
1. Open the run command and type %temp% and delete anything inside that folder (this will clear your temp directory)
2. Now run the script again and you should not have any issues.
Please report any bugs I will attempt to resolve them ASAP.
Thank you guys for all your support, I will update this thread as soon as the new release is available