My first Nokia.

bought a white nokia 822 and an extra battery for it. love the nokia apps. love the downloadable maps - i have canada, the US, and mexico downloaded. 32 gb extra storage. battery life is suprisingly good. i work a twelve hour shift. make only a couple calls, play plants vs zombies for 10 - 15 minutes, and check and answer my email. i still have 60-75% battery left at the end of my shift. if i am on my phone constantly morning through night playing games using my gps to get to the store, and listening to music it will only last 6 - 8 hours at best. the spare battery fits into my wallet so i'm up and running all day/night if i need to be. i like the versatility of the removable battery and the sd card. having a downloaded map is indispensible in california. call quality is excellent. overall wp8 is smooth and fast and an improvement over wp7. what i don't care for. i don't notice the low resolution screen but not having a higher resolution screen would better. i think the speakers are low quality - embarrasingly low next to the iphone's. the camera is low quality. the pictures are ok at best. I would like to see the new Nokia phones more powerful than the lumia 920 but still have the versatility of the 822.