BB10 Pre-order

This evening i stopped at BestBuy on my way home from the gym. Walked in and headed over to the smartphone/cell phone section and waited to speak to a rep. When my turn came and he asked if he could help with anything, I said "possibly". I asked if they had started taking pre-orders for BB10 devices to which he said yes and promptly made his way behind the counter asking a coworker where the instructions were for taking said pre-order. He then proceeded to enter my info into their system. As I paid the deposit, he smiled and asked out of genuine curiosity "I assume you have a BlackBerry now, which do you have?". I answered "9900". He said "ah yes". I completed the transaction and he handed me my receipt and explained the process. That was it. I was quite surprised. I had anticipated that I'd be discouraged from pre-ordering said device. But that didn't happen. I anticipated at least some snarky remark about the device I currently use. That didn't happen either. It was a little strange considering the track record. All I can say is, for once I appreciate the professionalism I encountered where usually there is little to none. To the guy at BestBuy tonight... Good on you.