The REAL reason for the 4 inch display

The extra 0.5 inches screen real estate on iPhone 5 is meaningless in most cases. I am sure many iPhone 5 users agree. So I wondered why Apple did it, for it would bring disadvantages like decreased ease of one-handed operation and letter-boxed apps. In my opinion, there is one main reason: APPLE (engineers) COULD NOT OVERCOME THE LAWS OF PHYSICS.

If you look carefully, every iPhone has been physically smaller than the competition's top-of-the-line smartphones despite being equally powerful and full-featured. To put things in perspective, every new version of iPhone is same-sized or smaller than its predecessor, while having a better hardware inside. On the contrary, every new version of the Samsung Galaxy series has been bigger than its predecessor to accommodate the better hardware. So Apple has been ahead of the competitors in terms of miniaturization.

However, I believe that Apple engineers reached a technical limit for iPhone 5. They had to pack a LTE chip, a faster chip, and other better hardware in the same if not a smaller form factor. Most importantly, the battery life had to be at least the same as iPhone 4S, despite all of these new power-sucking hardware. In my opinion, the fact that iPhone 4S is same-sized as iPhone 4, despite having a faster chip, a much better camera, and still have similar battery life is already a commendable engineering achievement. So this time around, I think Apple engineers could not put better hardware in the same form factor anymore. And this is why I believe that a bigger display was not a feature Apple *wanted* to put on iPhone 5. Apple *had no choice* but to put a bigger display so that the phone can be made bigger( in terms of surface area) to accommodate new and better hardware. It is easier to see where I am coming from if you look at the high-end Android smartphones. I believe their 4.5+ inch displays are mainly to make the phone bigger so as to accommodate better hardware and accordingly a higher-capacity battery.

So it was just my pure opinion made out of curiosity. Why do you think Apple decided to put a bigger display for iPhone 5? Why you think it was necessary? Do you even consider it worth the decreased ease of one-handed operation and at-least-for-now letter-boxed apps? Let me know! No arguments please. A forum is supposed to be for discussions!!!