My Prediction for 2014: It will be Ubuntu vs Android

2012 was all about iPhone vs Android. And Apple has given enough indications with iOS 6, that it wants to keep iOS simple, since that's the way it works with majority of iPhone users & Apple doesn't want to alienate them in any way by providing something which is totally new, fresh & innovative.

This is pretty fair enough and good luck to Apple & all the iPhone users.

But, thankfully, this kind of foolish mindset hasn't got into rest of the world and there is still a lot of innovation happening on Mobile operating systems.

Android Jelly Bean is already the beast of a operating system, and then there are those huge number of apps to tweak the OS completely to your liking. But I always felt there is something missing in Android.

In spite of having Widgets and a live wallpaper features, it still is very much an iPhone look alike at its core & is not an OS that is concentrating more on Gestures.

This is where Ubuntu seem to score heavily in comparison to Android.

1. Wonderfully designed Lock screen controls.

2. Its beautifully designed home screen and UX, which is not present in any other competing operating systems.

3. Makes full use of Gestures & screen edges completely. No more long list of menus to choose a particular thing. Its all about Swipe left, swipe right !!!

4. Most importantly is an Open Source Operating system.

But then there are certain things, which makes me feel this might remain as just another mobile OS:

1. There is no official Services support announced. For example, We haven't heard anything like, Nokia providing its Navigation support to Ubuntu, the way its doing for Firefox OS. But this might be true game changer for Nokia and Ubuntu & make it a real competitor to Android on many fronts.

2. It doesn't seem to support Dalvik VM. This means it cannot run any Android based apps & needs Applications to be prepared ground up.

What are your views on the above points?