So, Who Actually Uses Siri?



Coming from Android's Google Now platform, Siri was a welcome *real* personal assistant to my gadgets, but as time went on, I found Siri heading to the same fate as Google Now; that is, not being used at all.

I've met a lot of people who upgraded to an iPhone 4S from the iPhone 4, then simply disabled Siri (which was one of the major reasons anyone would even upgrade to a 4S if you had a 4).

Now there's a difference between Siri and Google Now. Google Now is... Google. We're all already accustomed to using Google to find something, so for many Android users (myself included before switching to the iPhone) found it natural to use Google Now as Google. Siri, like I said above, looks more like a personal assistant.

Need to ask someone who won the Baseball game last night, but don't have anyone to ask nearby? Ask Siri.

Getting ready to go out and need to know the weather? Ask Siri.

Need to know how the Japanese found the Giant Squid? Open Safari/Google App and Google it.

Need to find the article on The Verge where Paul declared the start of his no-internet year? Google it.

So I come to this question: How many of you actually use Siri? Whether it's to find the weather every day, find movies playing nearby, or for directions to a friend's house?

And if you don't use Siri, why not? What's stopping you from using Siri? What could be added to Siri to make you use it more?

Personally, when I first got an iPhone, I immediately groaned at the lack of offline support for Siri (and Speech to Text). I think Siri would be perfect for when I'm commuting, and I want to call someone, or text someone. It would be convenient if I could long-hold my EarPod button and ask Siri to launch the Maps app while I'm getting my phone out of my pocket, for speedier access. Or the camera app, or the Contacts app.

So, I open the floor to you guys - maybe Apple reads these and will be able to work something up for iOS7, hmm?