Made a mockup of a word processor I want to develop and would like some feedback :)

Yes, yes, yes, no this isn't going to be a Holo app, but it does have some inspiration taken from the patterns, including the action bar and colors.

So, anyway... Editing text in Android is generally annoying. You either have the apps that do too little and follow the design guidelines, or you have the really ugly and clunky stuff like QuickOffice and OfficeSuite that have a pretty poor user experience.

So I came up with this:


Basically how it works is that you have the menu on top that you can scroll from left to right and backwards (like the action bar, but with swiping), the settings for each tool appear underneath it (text size in the example) and disappear after a minute of not touching them. You can load your own fonts, and they'll be able to be looked through and selected by also just going from left to right, etc, sorta like the way Microsoft Word handles the Styles panel.

Now, unlike most of the other editors out there, I put the standard formatting buttons at the bottom and made them big enough so it's like using the keyboard. Why? Because I always find their placement at the top confusing, especially when it's going to be so much easier to just select a sentence and hit the bold button. They fade out the letters behind them to make things work better. In the tablet version, this would be something you could put wherever you wanted.

Other settings would be accessed using the typical settings key. Probably a few themes, highlighting color, auto sve, etc, etc.

Thoughts? :)