iOS 7 & OS X 10.9 Wishlist!!!

Let me know what you guys think about my wishes!


  • Calculator, Weather & Voice Memos for iPad
  • SMS forwarding to iPad (reply to text messages using iPad)
  • Set volume for different alarms / alarms that fade in
  • Retina iPhone apps full-size on iPad mini (why does it only display the 480x320 version?)
  • "Home Videos" in Videos app
  • "Up Next" in Music app
  • "Power Nap" where apps are updated overnight
  • Group FaceTime (Google+ Hangout rival)
  • Disable Cover Flow in music app (I want a landscape music app!)
  • Videos in Photo Streams
  • Audio crossfade (why iPod nano but not iOS?)
  • Widgets (possibly on lock screen or where Spotlight currently is)
  • Rich text formatting in Notes app (bold/underline/italic)
  • Speed limits in Maps turn-by-turn directions
  • Set different default alert sounds for iMessages & SMS messages to distinguish between the two
  • "iCloud playlists" that sync across all devices and updates play counts
  • Faster way to reply to a message, i.e. via a notification banner
  • Multitasking OVERHAUL
  • Lock screen OVERHAUL
  • Live/contextual app icons (weather/clock)
  • Quicker access to Brightness settings on iPhone
  • Master volume & tempo controls in GarageBand
  • iPhotos/Photos cohesion
  • Filters in photos/camera apps to rival Instagram


  • iPhoto "even types" (e.g. holidays, birthdays, concerts)
  • iCloud support for GarageBand & iMovie on Mac
  • "Camera roll" for saved photos
  • Emoji in Messages app
  • HOTMAIL SUPPORT IN MAIL! (not much to ask!)
  • Dashboard OVERHAUL (iOS-esque weather/clock widgets)