[Concept - Updated] Holo Light/Dark Settings

My simple concept render of the standard settings app inspired by the Google Now design. Any thoughts in the comments below are welcome - be gentle though, this is my first concept render post ...

If feedback is on the positive side, I'd be keen to polish it up so it looks a little more professional :)

[Concept] Holo Light Settings (Rev 1):


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[Concept] Holo Dark Settings (Rev 1):


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[Update 15/01] Holo Settings:

Thanks to everyone for their feedback, here are the updated renders based on everyone's comments. Please click on the images for full res versions ;) sorry there's only essentially one set - turns out simple UI design takes time - go figure! #IhavenoideawhatI'mdoingwhenitcomestoUIdesign

Note: This whole mini project is essentially just aimed at re-skinning - i.e. change colours and background elements here and there to mimic a more Google Now 'look and feel' to see how awesome or terrifying it would look. Hence, in this rev I haven't added any extra functionality compared to the original stock settings app.

PS - If anyone has contacts at Google feel free to share these designs with them - Oh, and I'm an engineer so I work hard ;)

Rev 2a:


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Rev 2b (with some navbar theming):


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Next set of renders to follow soon...