Google Play Music Redesign?

Google Music is a great idea. I love not having to waste all the space on my phone for music. The ability to download only the songs I want from the cloud for offline play has basically changed the way I listen to music on my phone. But, the app interface is atrocious, and frankly a spit in the face for android design codes.

First off, the blue tint. I don't know what possessed everyone when Honeycomb 3.0 was released to think the Tron-like blue was cool looking, but I hate it now. It's like everyone time I open the app I get slapped in the face. It actually hurts my eyes. Where are the flat whites and blacks that Android has started to implement in the system. Give me something with Holo design and Gmail for iPhone color scheme.

My next complaint is the cover flow. I hated cover flow in the old iTunes. I hate when my Macbook Pro decides I want to view my photos in cover flow. I hate cover flow. Its kitschy, just like the blue colors of the app. In the most recent update the developers fixed this to a point. Now artists, albums, and playlists are all viewed in a nifty two column scroll of art. It is much more intuitive, and prettier.

Finally is the perceived lag I have of the app. Maybe it's all in my head because of the atrocious design, but it just feels sluggish. And it's not the "Android lag" people love to comment about. Cyanogenmod's Apollo and DoubleTwist both feel so much more swift. iPhone's Music and WIndow Phone's Zune app (or is it Xbox Music now?) don't feel sluggish. But Google Play Music is ugly and sluggish.

So if anyone out there has a mock-up of what Google Play Music could be, please share it with me. I want and need the comfort to know hope does exist.