Surface Pro - Where are the speakers?

I'm on and I'm trying to see the differences in the surface RT and the PRO. I heard the pro has a different angle 25 degress instead of 22. And I'm also having a tough time finding the speakers. The RT (on the right side [top to bottom]) had speaker, video out, usb, then power. The pro seems to have MicroSD card slot, power, and video out. I don't see the speaker anywhere in those pictures.

I owned the Surface RT to hold me over till the pro release. I loved how you couldn't bend in (like my samsung android tabs) and really enjoyed it. The two things I hoped they would iron out when the Pro released were the crappy speakers, and the crappy charging port. Still leaves me with the speakers question... were they so shitty that MS scrapped the speakers on it's tablet? (rhetorical). Thanks!