PLEASE Keep Topshelf , and how Awesome the Verge's CES video was

Of all the shows at CES (awesome production btw) i had a certain fondness for Topshelf, before CES i proposed David Pierce and ross Miller had their own podcast, Topshelf could be it, and with the quality of the CES Videos i have no doubt that you guys could do it.

Now, the CES videos, Effin awesome guys, i tweeted a couple days ago that the quality of the Videos was more akin to a TV network than a tech site (which Chad Mumm retweeted) , by contrast, with all due respect to Engadget, the Engadget show didnt quite live up, small things like having the Lavalier Microphones instead of the wired "singing" microphones they used, the multiple cameras at each person, the large TV screen with "First" or "Topshelf" or even just the Verge Logo looping in the background, the intros, outros the music in the intros/outros. Everything from the Verge's CES coverage just screamed Quality, Well done guys, Well Done