The next big thing

Tim cook now has a huge responsibility of keeping the madness of new unprecedented innovations running through apple. Besides improvements over previous iphone 4s, Mac's and downsizing the ipad, we have not seen much coming from cupertino.

Which is what brings me to cameras, and lytro and ios. I really think that the camera industry offers far more room for innovation as compared to he tv industry where you cant really go beyond a big display, no matter how you derive it. We hae seen massive innovations in the form of android cameras, light field cameras, single lens translucent cameras, mirrorless varieties and loads of other stuff. It is high time apple comes out with this kickass product which is very small, ergonomic takes better than dslr photos and just captures the imagination of the common man. I mean, i wouldnt really mind paying a premium if i et features which balance the best of both worlds. Good manual control and an upgraded iteration of ios will help a lot. They should redefine the lens here, redefine how the entire camera works!

Do you guys have any inputs here?!