Logitech USB Laptop Speaker with Surface RT

Hey All, I was cruising my local Radio Shack this eve when I stumbled up in the Logitech Z205 USB laptop speaker on sale for 19 bucks. I said to myself I wonder if it works with my Surface via the USB port. Since I already have a number of Bluetooth speakers I knew what to expect in terms of sound improvement. My biggest gripe with them is that they always had to sit to one side or the other of the tablet defeating the stereo effect when listening to music or movies directly on front of the tablet. This is a nonissue with the Z205 because it has the ability to clip on top of the tablet securely as long as you do not intend to use the cams while it is in place. Although the speakers lack deep bass they have good midrange and treble reproduction. While listening to a 320mbps mp3 of Steely Dan’s "I Got the News" I was able to hear fine detail and good instrument separation in a slightly compressed stereo soundstage. Not bad for a twenty dollar upgrade to a tablet most critics have written off as DOA. If you get a chance you might want to check out something like this on your own. Enjoy.