What keeps you on PCs?

More and more the world is moving to mobile. There is less and less our phones or tablets cannot do. For most people, a traditional PC isn't a necessity anymore. I have a slight bit of envy for those people honestly. I'm close, but I still need my trusty Macbook to get stuff done. Here are the bits of software that keep me on a PC

1. Final Cut Suite


I'm a video production student, and while we have edit bays, it's nice to be able to cut whenever I need to or wherever I need to.

2. Wordpress


I run our student media video website, and we use Wordpress. While it may be possible to run Wordpress on a tablet, I have yet to try it. I apologize for my possible ignorance but I can't imagine it working to well.

3. Pixelmator


I use Pixelmator to do graphics and logos for the website I run at my university.

4. Ableton Live


Live is probably my favorite piece of software. I'm a musician, I love making music and until I can run Live on a tablet my Macbook stays.

Those are my 4 reasons for using a PC. What are yours?