Editorial: The New Android OS - Blowing Your Mind (Integration)

Android has come so far, yet we are missing so much. Not in terms of what other OS's have VS what we have, just in terms of what could make our OS even better, what Google needs to focus on. Let's take a deeper look at we all have been complaining about and how we can get it. Messaging, Google Apps, and Play Store. Integration and Multitasking. . . let me blow your mind.


What I find most interesting is that OEM's like Samsung already have native group messaging implemented into their messaging client. However they can only go so far with Android. The majority of us are waiting for Google to intergrate all their messaging services into one. Google Talk, Voice, Regular SMS, Google + all these service should be intergrated into one another. The messaging client should be very clean and simple like their latest SMS App "Messaging". It would be also an added bonus if we could chose a theme also, not just in Messaging but all Google Apps. Let the user chose rather they prefer the light or dark version of Holo.

Next, Messaging should support group messaging, and if they really want to knock away the competition why not support multiple formats and files. Use the SMS protocol for SMS only, but within that same app let the user be able to send files, documents, or even media using a different protocol. (Think Go SMS). All this within the same App keeping the same interface. Google Drive support would be further integration. Keeping a back up of all your messages in the cloud even when you delete them from the phone.

Lastly, a killer feature for their SMS client would be to let the end user see when their message has been read, and when the other person is typing providing they are using the same client. When receiving a message esp with Jelly Bean I should be able to pull down the notification shade and see a status of an ongoing convo and be able to reply right then and there.

Let's take it one step further motion gestures. This may be taking it a bit to far but I love how putting the phone up to your face with the GS3 and Note 2 will automatically call the person you are having a convo with. Hint hint Google. Lastly a certain gesture or swipe (like BB10) would be cool, only this would work for any conversations that are ongoing (like Gtalk) that way you can reply from anywhere and not have to go back into the app.

Google could have the ultimate messaging client, yet I feel they are a bit lazy in this area. What would make it perfect would be if we could download this client from the play store so no matter what Android phone we have, the app would still be available to us. Of course if your running ICS or above.


Google Apps - Beautiful Icons but once again it would be nice to pick a theme for them, that app that is, not the icon itself. Holo Dark or Light, I only ask that all the apps have a tighter intergration, and that some one do something about Google Music which sucks in terms of UI, and features.

Also Google Drive, why can't we edit. Google Drive could be everything. If we had true intergration would be able to edit a document from Gmail or even the SMS Client, the app would simply just turn into a different view to make it possible. Also with just 2 clicks be able to share our work with more than one service at a time. Google so far feels like it is the most integrated OS and that may be true, but it's sure not pushing any limits esp in terms of software.

Google Drive should be able to store media not just files and it should be able to support multiple formats. I should be able to uploading anything from Google Drive and put it into my Gmail Email I am sending. Google Music should support a Rdio or Spotify like service. I should be able to use two Google Apps at once, different windows. Let me blow your mind. . .

I have Google Drive and Gmail open, in two different windows, side by side or top and bottom. I say "Google, find my latest invoice for my client" - Google finds it and I simply drag and drop it into my Gmail window and say "Upload" (Or even better it does it automatically). - BAM!! I just used three services all at once, I used Google Now, Google Drive, and Gmail. That's real multi tasking. Let's try another one.

One thing that annoys me would be the fact that in order to wake a phone up we have to press a button. In order to give a comand the phone has to always be listening, his can be a battery pain in the ass. What if I performed a gesture like swiping the notification light and excicuted a whole series of task. Let's take a look.

(Swipe the notification light to the right on my "Nexus 5" now the phone is listening however the screen is still not on, the light just did a little animation to the right to let me know Google Now is ready.) "Google what artist is playing in the background?"

Google: "One Sec" . . . "Beyonce I Care"

Me: "Purchase and Store Beyonce's I Care to my music libary"

Google: "Purchase and download complete, whould you like to listen?"

Me: ""No", "Send" the song to "Austin" "Text" him "Dude she's killing it with the vocals lalalalala"

Google: "No Problem Xavier . . . . Sent. I also included a download link lalalala" "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Xavier: "Lock"

(Now the phone is locked)

"Lalala" I would like to think the phone could have a little personality.

So not only did I multitask, I did all this with my voice, and all my apps were integrated. The phone of course will show every screen and go into each app as you are commanding it. So here's the break down.

Phone Unlocked with Voice>Searched a song by listening>Went into the playstore and found the song that it heard>Purchased and download>opened a new app window under the play store and dragged and drop the song into that window and uploaded it>entered text and typed also included a link to purchase>closed both apps and locked it's self.


Of course Google could add a setting so the phone is always listening and learns your voice, this way you would not even have to touch the phone. Google apps need better integration with each other. If Google Play had a new design and more integration with our Google Apps we could do some unthinkable things. These could be the new features on Android. . . blowing your mind with integration.

Thanks for Reading.